Is Social Media Driving Technology Forward?

There can be no denying the fact that social media is one of the biggest gift of technology to mankind. Today, a person can simply sit at home and be updated about the whole world with just few clicks on his phone or laptop. People from different corners of the globe have come close to each other because of the advancement of these social media platforms. Nowadays, it is so easy to reach anyone from anywhere within a few seconds.

Also, with such social media platforms coming into existence, it is definitely driving technology forward. You might have noticed initially there were very few such platforms but now almost all the time you get to know about a new platform launched with some extra special features. It just shows that with social media on high demand in the entire globe, everyday technology is also evolving.

Earlier, platforms like Facebook and Twitter were only limited to desktops or laptops. But with the advancement of technology, now these are available as mobile applications which can be easily downloaded from the app store and get started. So, you can see how mobile technology actually took a huge leap forward with the development of various apps.

If you have ever noticed, the features of these platforms keep changing almost every month and looking back to the initial phase, these platforms had very basic features. Now, there are so many additional features that they offer. Evolution of technology is very dynamic in nature, thus tomorrow you can expect to see some more sophisticated social media platforms being launched.

Social media is not only for personal life but also it is giving new dimensions to businesses. Say for instance, I wanted to promote my business on Twitter, that’s why I bought twitter followers which definitely boosted my products and services.