Chainsaw Parts And Their Functions

Chainsaw is a boon for sawyers because this alleviates the issue of cutting trees free fast. The chainsaw was introduced long ago in 1905 but that time it wasn’t this portable and small in size. Using an Axe take too much to cut a tree but chainsaw can do the same work free fast so that it becomes the first choice of sawing industry. A chainsaw has many parts like a bladed chain, the metal guide bar (the bar on which chain rotate), small but powerful engine, fuel tank and a clutch.

Working Method

The user has to pull the rope to start it and then he can start doing his work. The chainsaw requires lubrication on the chain so that it can rotate smoothly. This chain is made of strongest alloy so that it doesn’t break or hurt anybody. The metal guide bar is very strong and it helps in choosing the shape in which shape a Sawyer want to use it. As you know that chainsaw work on gasoline, electricity, and battery so if you are using a gasoline powered chainsaw then this work on the different mechanism than other. The chainsaw using gasoline for power has two cycle engine which consist a piston and crankshaft as main parts.

  • Fuel is pumped inside piston’s cylindrical chamber from intake port.
  • The magnet attached to crankshaft creates voltage for the spark plug as you pull the starter rope.
  • When the intake port closes then the piston move to upward direction and creates vacuum.
  • The spark plug ignites the fuel and this push the piston in the downward direction.
  • An exhaust port opens for the smoke and closes so that intake port opens again for fuel.

The process repeat number of times and the crankshaft spin to rotate chain to cut trees.

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