Pay Heed To The Stitching To Detect A Counterfeit

Louise Vuitton products always top the list of the brand conscious individuals. The fall-winter collection of the season is out in the stores and the familiar itch to possess the latest style statement is back in the fashionistas. Therefore, the theft of a Louise Vuitton Wallet from Saks Fifth Store in South Huntington made the headlines a few days ago.

What makes these designer brands so special and so sought after besides been enormously expensive?

The quality, the workmanship, the secret techniques used to maintain the unique look and design besides been long lasting and fire resistant and water proof.  Also, these products are subject to stringent testing. You will never find them on discount anywhere. In fact, a heart-wrenching fact for the brand lovers is that Louise Vuitton bags that are unsold each season are not offered on sale or discount anywhere but are taken back to the factory and shredded.

So, if you are waiting for the sale, you are better off with a fake product which incidentally is a quarter of the original.

How to identify a fake Louise Vuitton

Not all fakes are bad; in fact, with advancement in technology,there are several premium fakes that look as good as the real piece and sometimes even better. Even the most experienced eyes fail to distinguish between a fake and a real designer product; these imitations are so perfect.

But if you don’t want a counterfeit product there is a simple way of identifying an original Louise Vuitton. Pay attention to the stitching; this brand prides itself in perfect stitching- crisp, clean and even. Hence, if you come across a Louis Vuitton wallet with double stitching be assured that it is a fake. Uneven stitching and wavy lines are all telltale signs of an imitation. The imprinting on the hardware and the spacing between the alphabets are other means to detect a fake.

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